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Organizations are under constant critical scrutiny, from both inside and out. If the organization fails to come up to expectations, people are disappointed. Disappointed stakeholders break off relationships, or in the worst case even act against the interests of the organization. Communication has the power to mediate between different interests and stakeholders, and ensure that individual interests are aligned as far as possible with collective and corporate interests.

bd consulting does gap analysis and communications risk assessments to see how the strategy, performance and communications of its clients compare with the social, political and economic realities. On the basis of hard facts and findings, we develop approaches to symmetrical dialogue that will lead to measurable improvements in brand reputation.

Issue Management and Stakeholder Management Evaluation

Identifying stakeholders, and evaluating their interests and needs and the resulting implications for the organization. Developing, planning and initializing symmetrical dialogue processes taking account of the various issues and stakeholder interests.

Crisis Preparation & Communication

Identifying potential risks, communications risk assessments, drawing up crisis manuals with procedures, responsibilities and standard response tools, coaching and training.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Developing CSR programs that benefit society and the environment and add economic value for the organization itself.