Public Affairs 

For an optimum framework

Making headway in the complex political and policymaking process means getting to grips with a minefield of ideology, different viewpoints and compromise. Often there’s a lack of understanding for specific business ideas and plans. Companies can find themselves having to reject political demands that limit their scope for doing business. However, early dialogue with the relevant groups builds trust and facilitates mutual understanding. This paves the way for sensible solutions that are ultimately in the interests of both the legislator and the business.

bd consulting analyzes the political and social environment in which its client operates against the backdrop of the company’s strategy. On this basis bd consulting formulates long-term dialogue strategies designed to build trust, and proposes tactical measures to ensure that the relevant stakeholders have the right information at the right moment.


Analyzing political opinions and developments in Bern. Recognizing issues and their impact on the business early on. Devising appropriate campaigns and measures.

Representing interests

Actively representing the interests of organizations and associations on an ongoing basis. Opening doors to discussions with parliamentarians, working parties and government agencies.


Planning and implementing key measures and meetings with parliamentarians, committee members, authorities, associations and parties.


Designing integrated communication campaigns to shape opinion over the long term. Disseminating and managing key arguments for good ideas, images and messages via classic communication channels and social media.