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The world is extremely fast-moving. Consumers develop new habits, and stakeholders change their opinion. Creatively designed campaigns, subtly formulated messages, intelligently told stories and well-timed measures provide orientation and ensure an organization gets heard. We put brands, organizations, products and people at the focal point of communications, and create effective campaigns that make a lasting impression.

bd consulting develops in-depth communications strategies and translates them into highly impactful campaigns and individual measures.


Doing in-depth analysis and creating strategies as a springboard for creative campaign ideas. Integrated communications strategies for print, TV, radio and social media channels.

Training & Coaching

Media and presentation trainings in preparation for talks, sales pitches and panel discussions, and different crisis scenarios.

Ghostwriting & Professional Articles

Linking key messages with publicly relevant issues. Writing professional articles and papers, talks, Internet sites, white papers and press releases.

PR and Media Relations

Identifying and monitoring publicly relevant issues with the aim of positioning the organization and its products actively and positively in public discourse.

Corporate Publishing

Fusing words and images to create informative, moving stories; conceiving, designing, editing and producing magazines, brochures and online media. Combining our flair and industry expertise to create business reports that set the trend in financial communication.