For measurably successful communication

bd consulting helps you master the challenge of communication and reputation. We work at the interface between business, politics and society, doing in-depth analysis, developing intelligent policies and strategies, and implementing creative campaigns for internal and external communications, reputation management, and organizational culture.

Corporate Culture

In today’s service and information society, companies are increasingly seeking to position themselves via the people who work for them. Engaged employees achieve corporate goals more quickly, and are key to establishing and maintaining a strong reputation. bd consulting helps companies and organizations shape their organizational culture, and harness change processes to evolve and develop.

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Reputation Management

Long-term reputation management revolves around building and maintaining good relationships with internal and external stakeholders. bd consulting does in-depth stakeholder and issue analysis to create the foundation for successful relationship management, and develops symmetrical dialogue strategies to create greater clarity and understanding.

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Communication is a tool that facilitates management and dialogue. Without communications there can be no understanding, without understanding there can be no relationships, and without relationships no business. bd consulting develops in-depth communications strategies and translates them into highly impactful campaigns and individual measures.

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Public Affairs

Businesses are increasingly having to take account of social and environmental requirements. They face the challenge of developing new products and services and making existing ones available more efficiently amid a complex web of interests and expectations. bd consulting analyzes the legal and regulatory framework in light of its client’s strategy, and formulates dialogue campaigns to positively influence its operating environment.

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