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Payments Harmonization – the Countdown Has Started

The PaymentStandards.CH information campaign is due to be launched. Under the banner “Payments harmonization – the countdown has started,” representatives of the board of directors of SIX Interbank Clearing AG today joined other prominent speakers on camera to fill journalists in on the essentials of the switch to ISO 20022, and officially present the new […]

bd consulting Lands Contract from PaymentStandards.CH

bd consulting has won a competitive tender for a public relations contract from PaymentStandards.CH. In the next few years the Swiss payment transfer system will be harmonized throughout. This will involve bringing together very heterogeneous set-ups run by different financial institutions and unifying all the old formats, procedures, and payment slips on the basis of […]

SwissWallet Digital Payment Solution Launches with bd consulting

SwissWallet is the new digital payment solution from Aduno Group, Netcetera, and Swisscard. It takes the form of a digital wallet for credit cards. Unlike other solutions, SwissWallet is linked to international payment card networks, and is therefore accepted and usable all over the world. Today SwissWallet held a media conference to present its first […]

Gute Argumente gegen Höchstzinsdeckel

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Family-friendly business: key to Switzerland’s success

bd consulting is helping Pro Familia Switzerland promote its Family Score, a scientifically designed employee survey that produces a figure expressing the family-friendliness and flexibility of an employer. The Family Score survey is available in three Swiss national languages, it can be filled out online at The system processes the responses anonymously and calculates […]

Mobility and flexible working arrangements get Switzerland moving

Working from home has been shown to improve people’s quality of life, reduce the strain on the environment and transport infrastructure, and boost productivity. Even though the benefits are clear, not everyone is prepared to make the change yet. The FlexWork phase model shows why and how organizations should make their people more mobile. bd […]

Issue management for Aduno Group

Cashless payment specialist Aduno Group has commissioned bd consulting to take charge of structured issue management. bd consulting is to manage issues related to private credit, leasing and credit cards, and provide support with stakeholder dialogue with politicians, industry associations, interest groups and non-profit organizations. Aduno Group belongs to the cantonal banks and other retail […]

On the Set für Innovative Schools

“Partners in Learning” is an educational initiative where Microsoft, worldwide and in Switzerland, works to promote the intelligent use of information and communications technology in educational environments. “Partners in Learning” includes an ICT program called “Innovative Schools” designed to help schools adapt to the structural changes entailed by the transformation to a knowledge society by […]

“Home Office Day a great success with 65% more participants”

In recent weeks 67,500 businesses, employees and self-employed people have signed up at and worked at home on the third national Home Office Day. That’s 65% more than the previous year. As lead agency, bd consulting collaborated with initiators Microsoft, SBB and Swisscom to manage communications and implement a wide range of communications measures […]